• Episode # 36

    In this episode Roy Fields sits down with his childhood Pastor and mentor Chris Scarinzi to talk about the grace of God is even better than what we think. Chris is the Senior Pastor of United With Christ Church in Johnson City, NY.

  • Episode # 35

    Join Roy Fields & Bob Mumford as they discuss what the Kingdom of God looks like in the life of every believer. Bob Mumford is widely regarded as one of the foremost Bible teachers of the 21st century. Countless thousands of Christians, all over the planet, attribute their sustained, spiritual […]

  • Episode # 34

    In this episode Roy Fields talks with Bill Johnson about his upbringing as a teenager and how God led him from a small church to an international leader who ministers to millions every year.

  • Episode # 33

    Join Roy Fields & Heidi Baker as they sit down and talk about the Kingdom of God. Heidi is the most know missionary in the world. She is also the Founder of Iris Global Ministries.

  • Episode # 32

    In this Episode Roy Fields sits down with Gordon Robertson. He is the President of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) & Host of The 700 Club. He shares what he believes is happening across the world and more importantly, the body of Christ world wide. There is also an extended episode […]

  • Episode # 31

    Join these two worship leaders as they talk about their roles in two of the most well known revivals in the world. The Brownsville Revival in 1995 & The Lakeland Revival in 2008.

  • Episode # 30

    Roy Fields interviews Sid Roth of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural TV Show. This is an exclusive look into the life of Sid Roth himself as he followed God throughout his life to where he is today. Roy goes in depth on Sid’s upbringing and how he came to know Jesus […]

  • Episode # 29

    In this episode Kelanie Gloeckler speaks to Roy Fields about her journey with God as a worship leader. Kelanie also sings her song “Your Are The Radiance” which is on her new worship record.

  • Episode # 28

    In this episode Richard Roberts speaks to Roy Fields about what it was like being the son of Oral Roberts. Oral was the first & original pioneer of Christian Television before anyone else broadcasted.

  • Episode # 27

    In this Episode Roy Fields sits down with Todd White to discuss Christianity on full display in everyday life. Todd is known for touching the world one person at a time. Through the power & love of God.